Live Events by Shelly Rice  ~ Celebrating 30 Years of Events!

Our Policies & Other Info


  • Please NO confetti, NO glitter, NO sand, NO tape on the walls/doors or event property and NO plastic table covering.
  • Please be on time for set up, thank you.
  • Do not leave boxes, trash or items behind.  If you brought it, please take it.

Vending Tips

  • Suggestion - Have a give-a-way or drawing for a prize at your table. This allows you to collect leads & contact info.
  • Suggestion - Practice setting up your vendor table at home, once you get it exactly the way you wan it, take a photo.  When it's time to set your table up, you'll have the photo to refer to - this will save you time and you'll have the perfect set up every time you're a vendor!
  • Suggestion - Make a list of your clients and people you want to do business with.  Reach out to them and personally invite them to come to the event. 
  • Suggestion -  Have something fun to do at your table - a few ideas, spinning wheel, share samples, offer free gift wrapping, make-overs, live demonstrations, guessing games, grab bags, etc.
  • Suggestion - Offer gift certificates.
  • ​Suggestion - Grow your list!  Have a sign-up sheet for attendees to join your Facebook page or group, newsletter, blog, email notification list, etc.
  • Suggestion - Offer an event special discount or perk, if they purchase today!
  • Suggestion - Get organized early.  Set goals for the show.  What do you want to accomplish?  What do you want to bring with you?  Set goals, make lists and be prepared.
  • If you would like more tips/suggestions or need help with preparing for the event, call Shelly at: 870.321.9667

Media/Press Releases

  • ​Press releases are sent out to local media outlets for every event - quite often reporters will come out and interview our vendors for news articles & sometimes we even make the local news!


  • Our marketing/promotions/advertising plan varies from event to event, depending on the target audience we are trying to reach. Our marketing efforts may include: personal invitations via U.S. Mail & phone calls, post card distribution, street signs, on-line advertising such as paid Facebook event boosting and paid targeted Facebook ads, collaborating with chambers, networking organizations, women organizations and local clubs/groups, newspaper ads, posters, periodical ads/stories, email blasts, community calendar listings, event site listings, pod cast & radio interviews, home owner association newsletters, cold-calling and after 30 years in the business we have a few other marketing secrets!

Cancellation Policy

  • Officially - we do not offer refunds just because you change your mind...........that being said, sometimes 'life happens' and sometimes plans change.  If you sign up for a show and your plans change, call us.  TOGETHER, we can probably work something out.  We may have a waiting list.  We may be able to re-sell your spot.  We may offer suggestions and/or tips on how you can re-sell your spot.  We may have another show you can move your spot to.  We will not promise an instant refund, however, we will make every effort possible to come up with a fair-for-all solution if you want to back out. 

No-Show Policy

  • If you forget about an event or if you just do not show up for another reason and you do not contact us at least 72 hours prior to the show, your spot is for-fitted and there will be no refund or replacement show.

Contacting Us

  • You're welcome to contact us via phone, text, email or instant messenger, anytime.  There are times when we can be difficult to reach because we have days when we our calendar is full from sun up to late in the evening, with travel & events...we try to reply to messages daily, however, there will be times when it takes 1-2 days for a reply. Phone/Text:  870.321.9667  Messenger:  Click Here  or  Email: Click Here