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Business Education - Speakers & Breakout Workshops

  • Speakers: Our speakers are direct sales experts.  Learn how they built massive teams and have found financial freedom through direct sales.
  • Round Table Workshops:  Our breakout leaders are business coaches, life coaches, and business strategists who will share tips, resources, information and strategies to help you grow and improve your business.  Wide variety of topics for you to choose from: Sales, Team Building, Facebook for Business, Time Management, Confidence Building, Recruiting, Social Media, Event Planning and more!

Who is this event for?

  • Experienced direct sellers who want to grow their teams
  • Anyone new to direct sales who needs help and direction
  • Anyone who is shy or uncomfortable talking about the 'business opportunity' side of direct sales
  • Employees who are tired of the 9-5 world and who want to start a direct sales business

The Direct Sellers Conference and Business Opportunity Expo

If you are in Direct Sales, you do not want to miss this life changing and business changing event!

For our current calendar, please send an email to:

Business Opportunity & Shopping Expo

  • 100% of our vendors are direct sellers or companies & coaches that serve those in direct sales 
  • Vendors may make sales, book parties, set appointments, distribute literature, share samples and present their business opportunity to attendees who are looking to start their own business.

Relationship Building & Networking

  • Networking can be terrifying.  Networking at our events is different than most events. You're not just thrown into a room full of people and expected to be charming and wow the crowd.  We have structured games and activities that will help connect with everyone and bond together in a very comfortable, relaxed and productive way.  Even the shyest person in the room will love networking at our events!

General Info:

  • Casual Attire:  be comfortable - company shirts encouraged
  • NO: confetti, glitter, plastic table cloths or tape on the walls, thank you!
  • Sorry, no children under 16 permitted.
  • ​The environment of our events is fun, friendly and very comfortable.
  • Our events are well attended - you can expect a full room!
  • You can expect to learn at least 50 strategies to grow your team and your business - bring a pen for notes!
  • Everyone will receive a workbook & resource guide to keep track of all the strategies you learn.
  • Sorry, no refunds, however, we understand 'life-happens'...if something comes up and you cannot make the event, you may re-sell your table to someone with your same company or receive a credit for a future show.


  • Most of our events are held at Hilton Property Hotels including: Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn, Double Tree and Hilton Hotel.  We only use event-friendly properties, in nice ballrooms with plenty of free parking.
  • We will send out vendor location, directions and lodging options in your vendor info package.